jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Giveaway !

It's high time for a new game !!!

The prize is this 8 x 8 photo called "Tea Time" (unframed).

You know the drill, to enter, name your favorite item from my Etsy shop by commenting to this post (explain which item you like, why, etc...),and leave a link to it/copy paste the URL too please !). You need to provide a working email in the comment for contact and valid entry.

1 entry per person except :
People who help to tweet about this giveaway will get extra entries. 1 entry for each tweet, so the more you tweet about this giveaway, the bigger chance you will win this! Add @dongedy to your tweets so that I know you help to spread the words and write down your twitter account along with the email in the comment for me to connect the two.

Winner will be picked randomly.

Ends : October 8th midnight (Paris time!)

Good luck!

DON'T forget to let a link to your favorite + your email !!!

Pour participer et tenter de gagner "L'heure du Thé" en format 20x20 cm, c'est tout simple...
Jetez un oeil à ma boutique Etsy, revenez ici en copiant le lien de la photo que vous préférez en expliquant pourquoi il a votre préférence. N'oubliez pas de laisser votre mail pour que je puisse vous contacter si êtes l'heureux gagnant (tirage au sort).
1 chance de plus en twittant (mettre @dongedy en copie SVP)

Fin du petit jeu le 8 octobre à minuit (fuseau horaire parisien)
Voila... à vous de jouer ! Bonne chance ;)

28 commentaires:

puk a dit…

this one is my favorite!
Sugar Sugar
will tweet now about it!

Ruby Clover a dit…

My favorite! I love the whole scene, it makes me happy...

Soap Scent-sations a dit…

Oh it was really tough deciding! I love the philosopher, but the chocoholic in me made me pick this one!

my e-mail:

susarto a dit…
hard to pick but i think that's my favourite :)

moloney3 [at]

GreenWorks a dit…

Love your images - and after some thinking have decided this is my favorite:

Like it because it I imagine the rabbit turning round and scaring the wits out of that hunter ;)

Aestraea a dit…

the miniature lover in me is drooling over your shop. I'm stuck between favourites...I like the tea one, but the "Sin of Gluttony" one really made me laugh ( As a chocoholic, I approve- I woudld've probably done the same myself if I was ever forbidden Nutella ;)

Choumie a dit…

Il y en a beaucoup que j'aime mais je crois qu'en ce moment, c'est celui-là mon préféré :

J'ai hésité avec l'ange très beau aussi !

Allez, je file lancer l'info sur Twitter ;) et puis je vais partager aussi sur FB, ça fera un peu de pub en plus ;)

jen a dit…

I love the nutella one!

Tickleworm a dit…

Licorice! Love it! That little guy is just working so hard.

Egater a dit…

My favorite is
Not Frightened
egateris at gmail dot com

Jessica Lemme a dit…

My favorite is Cage Love because of its simplicity and sensual rawness:

squareby a dit…

The "Sin of Gluttony" ( is hilarious! I like it the best, mainly because I eat Nutella with just about everything. Also, I like the composition, the right half's brown negative space contrasted with the left side's brown positive.

Amber a dit…

I love the Skating print!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

remarker/fcffollower a dit…

Please erase my last comment - I did it wrong.
My favorite is Sugar Sugar Diorama -

remarkers @ hotmail dot com

JC a dit… I like this, totally reminds me the childhood memory with my grandparents in the countryside. That was the first time I met snail.

JC a dit… tweet.

Silvergirl a dit…

hello.. nice giveaways! u have a great work :p keep it up

I love this one

this is cute :)

silverlilacc at hotmail dot com

janil a dit…

I love this one: jumping from Nutella!!!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

laia a dit…

My favourite:

I have a lot of promotional things from nutella!

Regards from Barcelona



Kelle's Kitchen a dit…

I LOVE Sin of Gluttony. It is so lovely!

krherning at yahoo dot com

californiablue a dit…

I like In the Summertime -

It just captures a certain fun summertime vibe in your signature style!


Bombtastic Belle a dit…

This is my favorite :

I'm in the Christmas mood and already picking out colors for my tree :)


Scarlett a.k.a. kittyred a dit…

Even though I don't like hunting, this photo is pretty funny...

Contact me at

Digital Misfit a dit…

That Tea Time print IS my favorite! Your work is just brilliant.
Another fave of mine is the Doctor Doctor print

kraplap a dit…

This one is my favourite, it's so cute and sticky:

bison61 a dit…

I like the I'm flying-I like the black figures against the blue background

tiramisu392 (at)

kei'sblog a dit…

I love your work! my fav is (santa's workshop! so cute!)

billy boy & mia a dit…

Hello! I love the skating photo for the colour and movement! And I love jam tarts :) Thanks!

billyboyandmia (at)